Google's Huawei Android restrictions: Huawei fit continue to update dia phones

Huawei staff look at mobile firms at firm's campus in Shenzhen, China, 12 April 2019 Image copyright Chesnot

Huawei don collect license from America Commerce Department wey go epp dem continue to send software updates to dia phones for di next three months.

Dis dey come after Google withdraw access to dia software and di license go expire August 19.

Di license wey start from Tuesday go allow Huawei to take action and provide all di service and support wey include software updates or patches to Huawei handset wey already dey available to di public before May 16 2019.

Di license go also allow Huawei maintain di existing network equipment and security updates.

Last week, President Donald Trump goment declare national emergency wey allow Secretary of Commerce block technology transaction wey dem tok say bi national security risk.

Afta dat, di goment blacklist Huawei and dem ban any US company from doing business with di Chinese company without permission from di American goment.

Google announce say di company no go provide Android services for Huawei devices, even though e tok say di company go continue to use open source version.

Google also tok say di services go dey maintained on di existing devices.

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