Uganda miracle scam: Authorities dey find American pastor wey sell bleach to Pentecostal churches

Uganda pentecostal church members dey pray to get visa to travel abroad. Image copyright AFP
Image example Uganda Pentecostal Church members dey pray for differnet kain miracles including visa to go abroad

Uganda authorities say dem dey look for di America pastor wey dem accuse say dey distribute "miracle cure" wey dem make from bleach.

Robert Baldwin na America pastor from New Jersey and dem believe say na im supply some Pentecostal church for west of Uganda wit di chemical wey dem call Miracle Mineral solution.

According to UK tori pipo Guardian newspaper, thousands and thousands of Uganda kontri pipo fit don drink di bleach chemical unto say e fit cure malaria, cancer plus even HIV/AIDs.

US embassy for Kampala don condemn di selling of dis miracle medicine.

One 25 year old British kontri man Sam Little, wey di Guardian tori say na im dey market di chemical, dey live for west of Uganda. But authorities say im no follow for who dem dey investigate as dem neva get any information about am.

Pentecostal churches wey dey sell dis "miracle cure" popular well well for Uganda, but nobody dey investigate dem.

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