Rivers State goment dey investigate meats for Port Harcourt markets

Meat wey dey on display

Pipo wey dey sell meat for Rivers State and di state Ministry of Agriculture don begin chook eye to find out weda meat dem use one chemical - formalin preserve, dey markets for di area.

Chairman for di Butchers Association for Rivers State Ahmed Musa say dem get information say donkey and horse meat wey dem kill for outside di state, dem use dis formalin preserve am before dem transport am enta Port Harcourt, di capital.

Formalin na chemical wey dem dey carri preserve deadibodi, and e fit cause cancer if human being chop all over time. Some jaguda pipo dey use am to make meat swell, especially kpomo, wey be cow skin.

Di Ministry of Agriculture don set up committee and togeda wit di Butchers Association, don begin monitor all di markets for Rivers State check if dat kain meat dey market and arrest di pipo wey dey sell am.

Image example Kpomo na popular meat for Nigeria

Taiwo Adisa Johnbull wey be leader for cow meat sellers for Mile One Market for Port Harcourt, say na kpomo meat pipo dey sometimes put formalin, so di meat go swell up well well, big for eye and dem go sell am cheap to get more moni.

Dis no be di first time wey state goment for Nigeria go cut pipo warning about meat wey dem use chemical preserve. For April, Lagos State goment also warn pipo especially for di Ojo area of di state, make dem dey careful wit kpomo, afta dem arrest some pipo dem suspect say use chemical mix di ones dem dey sell.

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