Antibiotics: Why your bodi fit reject antimicrobial melecine treatment

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Image example Antibiotics na popular medicine for Africa but di world don dey resistant to am

How more and more pipo bodi dey reject antimicrobial melecine treatment (wey include antibiotics and anti bacterial.) na one of di mata wey sabi pipo dey discuss for dis week UN World Health Assembly.

Di UN World Health Assembly na World Health Organisation yearly meeting wey dem dey use join head create solutions for world health issues. Dis go be di 72nd meeting wey dem go hold ontop bodi mata.

One United Nations study show say dis mata na global wahala and member nations for di Assembly dey prep to give di kain restrictions wey dem tink go work.

Wetin dey make antibiotics to stop to dey work for bodi?

One sabi pesin ontop bodi mata Dr Essiet Uwemedimo wey be di director of Action Health Incorporated tell BBC Pidgin say plenti reasons dey wey dey make dis antibiotic melecine to stop to dey work for pipo bodi.

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1. Self Medication: Di UN report for antimicrobial resistance wey come out for April 2019, tok say na misuse and overuse of di antibiotics wey dey ground na im dey cause diseases all ova di world to start to dey resistant.

Dr Uwemedimo tok say, "you dey breed sickness wey be say melecine no go fit cure am wen you get di full potent medication e no go work."

E tok say no be only doctors get di charge to prescribe melecine give patients but also pipo for di primary healthcare system like community health officers, and community health extension workers.

2. Fake Melecine: Di UN report tok say lack of access to get quality antibiotics wey pipo fit afford na anoda reason why disease dey gada di muscles to resist antibiotics.

Di Public Health Physician follow add say say, "sometimes, you go waka enta wia dem dey sell melecine see one antibiotic for 1,500 naira and anoda brand go be 150 naira and because of di way economy be, pesin go tell you na di same time and you go cari money buy, you dey buy poison, because if you use melecine wey no get di main potency or dosage, na die you dey."

Image copyright Dr Essiet Uwemedimo
Image example Dr Essiet Uwemedimo na public health physisian wey follow open di Action Health Incoporated

3. Herbal Melecine: Dr Uwemedimo tok say we need to dey ask questions for di agbo and oda tins wey we dey put for our bodi because dato one too fit cause wahala. Di United Nations bn don tok for dia study say antibiotics wey dem no supppose use for agriculture, dem dey use am and e dey part of di wahala.

Dr Uwemedimo tok say WHO dey drag attention to am but na goment and citizen work to look di mata well-well because na serious kata-kata dis tin don already dey cause.

E tok say, "pipo don already dey die and more go join, and if you add up di numbers e go plenti wella. Apart from death, di way dis misuse of antibiotics fit scata internal organs like kidney failure and liver failure."

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