HR expert don explain why employers dey do HND holders 'partia' for Nigeria

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One Human Resources expert don hala say holders of di Higher National Diploma (HND) dey face serious discrimination for Nigeria.

Dis dey come afta House of Representatives pass bill to ban di division wey dey between HND and BSc holders for di kontri.

Francis Uka wey be Human Resources sabi pesin tell BBC Pidgin say di main tin wey dey make Nigerian employers do HND holders partia na just mindset.

"Di main tin wey dey influence dis mindset na goment. Polytechnics and monotechnics dey more poorly funded compared to University. Goment dey give Universities more moni dan Polytechnics, dem dey pay university lecturers more, universities get more infrastructure pass polytechnics. So dat one alone don downgrade polytechnics," oga Uka explain.

Anoda tin wey oga Uka say dey make employers dey favour BSc holders pass HND holders na di low morale and low productivity wey HND graduates dey get because of di way di discrimination dem dey face dey affect dia mental health.

"Many HND graduates, wen dem get job, you go see say no be di same tin dem go pay dem if to say na BSc dem get. So dat tin dey affect self esteem. E go come dey affect how dem dey perform for work," im add.

Uka wey also be HND holder imsef don see wiin for both employers hand and admission requirements to further im education for university.

One organization for Enugu state bin wan give am work for 2018 but wen dem find out say na HND pali im get, dem no gree work wit am again upon say im insist say im get di skills for di job.

"Na 'crime' you commit to do HND"

Image copyright francis uka
Image example Uka wan just begin do im Masters to further im education

E get some major areas wey HND holders dey face discrimination for Nigeria.

  • No direct entry to MSc

Wen Uka bin wan further im education reach Masters (MSc) level, na dat time im find out say HND holders no fit get direct entry to do dia Masters even if na upper credit dem get.

One University student Adviser for di school wey Uka choose, look im result wey good come ask wetin im go find for polytechnic, weda im no know say "na 'crime' (mistake) you commit to do HND".

  • Career growth wey dey limited

Ifeoma wey be Uka padi dey work for goment but she no fit reach di highest level wey be level 17. Na level 13 go be her last bustop because she be HND graduate. But dis bill wey di House of Reps pass, go stop dat kain practice for civil service.

  • Lower salary

Di salary most Nigerian employers dey pay HND holders no reach wetin dem dey pay BSc holders wey dey do di same work, on di same level. Ifeoma dey collect N15,000 less dan her colleagues wey get BSc.

Di House of Reps dey hope say wit dis bill, dem go fit make HND and BSc certificates di same tin to end all di discrimination wey pipo wey go oda tertiary schools wey no be university, dey face for di kontri.

But Uka believe say di beta tin to do na to upgrade HND to Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech) den comot di restrictions wey dey for HND holders inside civil service.

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