Kannywood industry go soon ban love movies for some years

Kannywood wey be di feem industry for northern Nigeria dey plan to ban film producers from producing love movies for some years as dem suppose dey torchlight oda areas too.

Di ban go take effect from June 2019, according to wetin Kano State Chairmo for Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) Kabiru Maikaba tell BBC.

Maikaba also add say for many years now, love films dey make up upto 80% of films wey di northern Nigeria movie industry dey release every year and e no suppose be like that.

Image example Kano State Chairmo for Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) Kabiru Maikaba tell BBC.

"Why be say na only love films we go dey do when many oda areas to torchlight dey. Northern Nigeria get beta history and pipo wey get various achievements why we no go dey act films on that."

"Na why we say very soon after our national elections we don plan say we must see di script of any film wey producer wan act and if we see say na love film we go cancel am, dis plan go carry on for some years until we see say oda sectors don dey get attention too."

Image example Ali Ali na Dancer

Dis move no sweet some pipo for bele and Ali Ali wey dey teach dance for Kannywood tok say e no dey possible for di ban to happun except if dem wan kill di industry.

"For dis part, no fim wey pipo like as love fim so how u wan take ban am? except if you no wan make di industry exist. I agree say producers suppose dey torchlight oda areas but to tok say make dem no do love fims at all, to me dat one no go work at all.Fim na expression and e dey wrong to tell pesin what and what not to express, na art."

Image example Production set of Makanta Biyu wey be one di love movies wey Kannywood act last year and BBC cover di shooting

On weda di ban go affect im livelihood since as dance instructor Ali dey rely on mostly love fims to get work since most of di music and dance dey happun for love movies.

"I no feel say e go affect me at all because i no even believe say e dey possible to ban love fims altogether for Kannywood."

Image example Actor Ali Nuhu don spend 20 years for Kannywood

Legendary Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu for interview with BBC last year tok say di reason why Kannywood dey do mostly love fims be say fims na a reflection of a pipo, Hausa pipo grow up watching Indian fims and na from dia their love for love movies come from.

Nuhu wey get FKD productions dey plan to release im latest fim 'Ki yarda da ni' next month wey be another love fim wey Maikaba dey try stop.

Kannywood wey dey use Hausa language pick up in di late 90s for Kano hence di name Kannywood and dem release thousands of fims for Hausa speakers across di world every year

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