"Four different pipo, two of dem priests, rape me"

lady gown Image copyright Marvi Lacar

Nadia (no be real name) 21 years, weh e di work for some company for Yaoundé na victim for four different rape cases. Her uncle, two priest and teacher.

Afta e try for kill e self plenti taims, e meet NGO weh e helep e put her life for track, now e di share her tori for young girls dem make deh no check say na only dem.

For forcefully 'nack nkanda' for some woman or pikin for Cameroon di too happen and victims some taims no di tok about it.

Between 1970 and 2008, deh bi rape more dan 400,000 woman dem for Cameroon, German Technical Cooperation, tok as e launch e campaign for stop rape for Cameroon.

Nadia e problems start wen e bi 13 years as e tok for BBC News Pidgin. "Na ma uncle sleep wit me by force, ah no fit tok ah di suffer inside. Den wen ah wan tok for reverend fada e instead rape me.

"E bi hard for manage dis situation so ah start take drugs and cigarette, ah even get problem for school deh nearly drive me. Den anoda rape from teacher, wen ah bi for high school, ah ask ma-self why me.

"Ah try for kill ma-self laik ten taims, den no man understand me for house, ma broda di beat me, ma relation wit ma parents too no bi easy, but den ah no tok.

"Even if e look simple wen deh say tok, no easy. But now ah check say if ah bi tok for dat taim ah for get help," Nadia tok.

De ngondere say now e realise say de pipo weh deh tok di overcome dia situation better, e no fain remain quiet, make taim pass. "If deh rape you, if you no tok den de problem no di exist" Nadia add.

Laik Nadia, plenti victims for rape dey Cameroon. E nova reach three months weh tori komot deh rape three small pikin dem, one die, one di go through operations now. Cameroon Health and Demographic Survey, DHS show say deh force 21 percent for woman for first sex for Cameroon.

But Nadia get luck say e meet Voice of Hope (VOH) one NGO weh Rosaline Fonkwa na coordinator. For de first taim e tori how deh rape e.

De NGO try for give Nadia emotional support, di always talk wit her for taims weh de di get crisis. Give her moni, and pay for psychological support for dia work wit different kain pipo, psychologists, lawyers doctors and oads.

Rosaline Fonkwa say deh wan helep Nadia for publish her book weh e di tok her tori, and music for inspire oda woman dem.

Today Nadia join VOH, di sensitise pikin dem for schools. E advice for pikin dem make de tok wit dia parents dem. Also make schools take sexual education seriously.

"Today, de feeling no fit disappear all, but ah don di tok everyday di live witmam, make oda pipo know say no bi only dem di pass for dis kana situation, deh fit share for get some kana healing laik me weh afta eight years ah don di work di go one wit ma life.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori