Adamawa police don spend N30,000 to feed vulture wey dem arrest as spy

Vulture Image copyright Arterra

Di Nigeria Police Force say dem don spend N30,000 ($86, £67) to feed one vulture wey dem arrest togeda wit im owner six days ago for Maiha, Adamawa State.

Di Police Public Relations Officer for Adamawa State command, DSP Othman Abubakar, say di cost wey dem dey spend take dey feed di bird fit high pass dis amount as dem still kontinu to detain di bird.

Oga Abubakar add say investigation on top on how di bird take appear for di area still dey go on.

Pipo wey dey stay Mahia town dey suspect say di woman wey get di bird, get link wit militant Islamist group Boko Haram.

One elder for di community say di last time somebodi bring vulture come di area, militants attack dem few days later.

Already, Nigerian Conservation Foundation don dey hala say make police release di bird.

Di Commissioner of Police, Adamu Audu Madaki, on Monday, bin confam say dem arrest di vulture and im owner afta one member of Maiha local government report say one woman dey keep one vulture.

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