Muhammadu Buhari dey blame Nigeria police for security palava

Acting Inspector General of Police, Ag. IGP Mohammed Abubakar Adamu dey salute President Muhammadu Buhari Image copyright Nigeria Presidency

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday night say im dey blame Nigeria police for di security palava wey di kontri get now.

Buhari also add say community leaders across di kontri follow get hand inside wen e ansa kwesions during one national TV special interview ontop NTA.

E say "dose wey dey comit bad-bad tins against communities, against di state and di kontri all fd dem come from somewhere inside Nigeria. Dia neighbours know dem; and we get politicians and rulers; di police dey for front line. We get di police in every major town and city for dis kontri and I say we no dey give di uniform and guns to impress anybodi, but to secure di pipo. I think di community leadership and di police don fail dis kontri."

Wen dem ask am wetin im go do about di problem, Buhari say im go continue to do im best.

Di president tok say im dey depend on reports to deal wit di security chiefs, adding that say removing dem fit scata di security plan as e dey.

Im add say im dey used to high standards and im dey give dem room for improvements.

Di Nigerian leader also rate di leaders of di National Assembly low say dem hold di budget to ransom for seven months.

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