Kano Prisons: How wardens arrest woman wey try to smuggle marijuana inside noodle pack for one prisoner

Rifkatu Anthony Image copyright Kano Prison
Image example Di prison clear di mata afta tori of how wardens say dem gbab dis woman wen she try cari marijuana inside for one prisoner.

One oga for Kano prison tell BBC on Tuesday say dem no get plan to start to dey search visitors underwear afta prisons wardens gbab woman wey try smuggle igbo inside noodles pack.

Di prison clear di mata afta tori of how wardens gbab one woman wen she try cari marijuana inside for one prisoner.

On Monday many local tori pipo bin report say di tok tok pesin for Kano Prisons Musbahu Lawan yan say dem go start to search pipo up to pant level to avoid visitors wey go try smuggle something go give dia pesin wey dey prison.

"some media just decide to add salt and maggi to wetin i tok and my statement be say we go dey more vigilant in terms of searching visitors wey dey come see dia pipo because assuming dis woman scale through with dis 39 indomie packs wey carry marijuana worth N195,000 e for be trouble for us." DSP Lawan tell BBC News Pidgin

"We no go search any pesin pant as dat wan go be invasion of privacy, we get metal detectors and oda devices wey we dey use and na dem we go continue dey use."

Image copyright KANO PRISON
Image example DSP Musbahu Lawan

Lawan also yan say di female prison wardens wey gbab di woman wey dem identify as Rifkatu Anthony try no be small as anybodi wey see di noodles pack no go believe say na marijuana dey inside.

Di tok tok pesin say dem don hand over di suspect Rifkatu Anthony to NDLEA wey get di power to prosecute her.

According to Lawan dis no be di first time in recent times wey somebodi go attempt something like this.

"We catch one woman wey cook big fish come put phone inside di fish mouth to take to her boyfriend inside prison and e also get anoda pesin wey cut slippers put igbo inside to take somebodi, all dis pipo we gbab dem."

Prison conditions for Kano prisons like many across di country leave much to be desired as complain dey about congestion and human rights abuses.

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