Kannywood kidnapping: "Na only mango dem give us chop" - Director

Pesin dey epp di fem director Salisu Muazu come down from truck. Image copyright Facebook/ Salisu Muazu
Image example Dis na first picture after dem release dem On Sunday afternoon wey one truck epp carry dem

Ogbonge Nigerian Kannywood director Salisu Muazu, wey kidnappers release on Sunday after im family pay N10 million as ransom, tell BBC say im and im three friends wey dem gbab eat only mango for three days to survive.

Di Jos based director bin dey travel to Plateau state from Kaduna north west of di kontri on Thursday wit im broda and friends when di kidnappers block dem.

According to Muazu wey also be di national vice president for motion pictures practitioners of Nigeria (MOPPAN), some highly placed pipo get hand di kidnappings wey dey happun for Nigeria, based on wetin di kidnappers tell dem.

"Where dem keep us na open place wey no get roof, so if rain fall na so we go lie down inside water sleep and for food na only mango from a nearby tree dem give us for three days, dem go just pluck am give us say make we chop."

"Di kidnappers tell us say inside di N10 million wey we go pay, dem go pay for AK47 guns wey dem hire and also comot dia oga cut inside before dem pocket wetin remain."

On wetin some pipo dey tok say paying ransom go continue dey encourage di kidnappers, Muazu yan say dat wan na true but e dey necessary when di life of your loved one dey at risk.

Image copyright Salisu Muazu
Image example Salisu Muazu say kidnappers only feed dem mango for three days

" I also agree say paying ransom go continue to encourage some new criminals to enter di crime because di guys wey gbab us na young men of 25 yrs and below so for dem to dey touch big big money go encourage oda ones but when di lives of your loved ones dey at risk u no get option."

Muazu tok say as feem director wey im be e go use di experience act feem wey go win am award.

"After dem release us yesterday I call one of my colleagues and I tell am say I don get us feem idea wey go win us award so very soon we go start work." Na so im tok.

Kidnapping for ransom dey worry di kontri at di moment even though oga of police recently yan say di incidents don reduce after dem increase dia efforts for highway.

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