Ekene Franklin: Why Ghana University give scholarship to Nigeria top JAMB scorer

Pesin wey dey write inside book

Ekene Franklin, di candidate wey score 347, di highest score for di 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) don get scholarship to one University for Ghana wey dem dey call Academic City College.

Tori pipo Vangaurd bin report say di JAMB registrar, Prof Ishaq Oloyode bin announce say 15 year-old Ekene choose University of Lagos for Nigeria as im school of choice. But di registrar explain say di University fit no give am admission because of im age.

JAMB tok-tok pesin, Professor Fabian Benjamin explain give BBC Pidgin say according to di University laws for Nigeria, di lowest age for pesin to enta University for Nigeria, including University of Lagos na 16 years. Although, im say Universities get di independent right to change dis age if dem want.

But Academic City College, Accra Ghana no believe say e make sense to deny admission to pikin wey sabi book well-well just because of im age.

Di President and Provost of Academic City College, Professor Fred McBagonluri explain give BBC Pidgin say, "For Ghana, we no get any age restriction. For us, im (Ekene) intellectual ability dey in line wit wetin we dey teach for our school. Age no be problem."

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Image example Ekene bin chose University of Lagos as im school of choice

Prof McBagonluri say dem dey select 10 students across Africa evri year wey dem go give 'presidential scholarship'.

If Ekene accept di $40,000 worth of scholarship, im go also collect laptop, pocket money, flight ticket from Nigeria to di school, feeding allowance plus oda orishirishi, according to di school provost.

But for some educationist for Nigeria, di age limit to enta University for di kontri, na for di good of di pikin dem.

Madam Chinua Agbasi wey be Education Consultant for Nigeria, defend her stand give BBC Pidgin say, "Wetin we dey see for school now no be small tin. Any pikin wey dey school today need basic life skills. Yes, dem sabi book but dem no dey prepared to face real life.

So age dey important on top of experience. Pikin of 14, 15 years wey get admission still be minor and if dat pikin no get correct training for house, e go hard for dat pikin to survive for school. A lot of bad influence dey for University." Na so Madam Agbasi tok.

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Some kontri pipo feel say dis kain age limitation fit cause brain drain for Nigeria as oda obodo oyibo Universities go kontinue to dey give dis small-small pikin wey dia brain dey hot, admission and even scholarship.

Prof McBagonluri advise Nigeria goment say dem need make provision for dis kain small-small pikin wey sabi book well-well because 'if you pack dem join evribodi, you dey slow dem down'.

Im say policy makers for di kontri go need revisit dis age limitation rule because no be di pikin fault say dem sabi book too much.

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