Anglophone crisis: Cameroon no wan poke-nosing to solve Anglophone crisis

Mbella Mbella Image copyright Facebook/Ministry of external relations

Cameroon goment under minister for external relations, Le Jeune Mbella Mbella don tell diplomats say deh want solve de problem for Anglophone wit no outside poke-nosing but Southern Cameroon leaders wan United Nation as referee.

Cameroon gada diplomats tell dem dia own side for how de crisis dey for ground afta di Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, visit Anglophone regions, announce say president Biya bi ready for dialogue.

Problem start for Northwest and Southwest Cameroon for 2016 and just now separatist di fight wit goment forces and solution nova show head.

Some international NGO's don call goment make e solve de problem di propose say deh bi ready for help.

But today Cameroon goment say deh go solve dis problems. Goment say de two regions di face criminal acts from pipo weh deh wan destabilise kontri, cause many pipo for die, forces some for run and chakarah economy.

Mbella Mbella deny say goment di use military solution, count de number of tins weh deh do for find solution laik decentralisation, disarmament and demobilisation and reintegration committee and tok wit kontri pipo.

Im say for maintain peace and order, goment send security forces and deh di respect humanitarian law, work laik professionals even wen armed groups attack and provoke dem.

Image copyright Facebook/Ministry of external relations

De minister goment sanction human rights violators and deh no fit accuse dem for kidnapping, destroying buildings and kill innocent civilians. Na armed groupsdi do all de tins dem.

Cameroon don sign and ratify agreement for human rights and di cooperate wit mimbas for human rights council Mbella Mbella add.

"Goment di look for e solution for de crisis weh even if e worry, no di cause problem for international peace and security", minister tok.

Mbella Mbella say even as deh di try for spoil kontri e image, all man bi free for Cameroon, economy grow and victory for indomitable Lions for 2017 and U-17 dis year show say Cameroon di kick fain.

But for five page doki weh e komot for Kondengui prison, Southern Cameroons leaders, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe say deh ready for dialogue wit dia conditions.

Deh ask say make UN act laik referee; and African Union, the European Union, ECOWAS, Nigeria, USA, South Africa, Ghana, Russia, Rwanda, Germany, Algeria and France bi observers.

De leaders say dialogue get for touch errors for UN for 1961 and oda tins.

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