African Continental Free Trade Area: How woman dem fit gain plenti from free business for Africa - Vera Songwe

Vera Songwe

Africa free trade agreement don legally start since midnight breaking Thursday and African Union check say na de big free trade area since weh deh start World Trade Organisation.

If African kontris move barriers, di do business wit oda African kontris, woman dem fit get more moni, according to Vera Songwe, di UN Executive Secretary for de Economic Commission for Africa, UNECA.

But Cameroon and Nigeria no dey among de 23 out 54 kontris for Africa weh deh confam de agreement weh sabi pipo say e go increase business among African kontris.

Just now for seka import duty and oda barriers laik check points trade among African kontris na only 16 percent, UNECA tok.

"ECA di work so dat woman dem fit get more moni, na dem di sell between Cameroon and Chad and Nigeria. Free trade agreement go remove barriers, so that wen woman wan waka from Cameroon to Nigeria, police, custom barriers no go bi again, and deh go fit sell get more moni", Vera Songwe tell BBC News Pidgin.

De woman weh e di advice African presidents for economic matters say, "Plenti taims wen we tok regional trade we di tok about woman dem. Plenti trade di start na with woman dem, across de border and na dem dey for front for farm and sell."

Songwe add say "E good for get free trade area for Africa, remove blocks, border posts, deh difficulties weh woman get for go through for move wit cargo, so dat economy go fit grow quick-quick".

Big challenge for na transport, as for waka from one kontri to anoda no bi only by road, na also by air.

ECA di also shine eye for see how Africa fit get open sky and dis go helep woman dem move dia cargo fast.

So UN Executive Secretary say need bi for Africa for invest for air transport for get aeroplane weh e fly for all de kontris, tin weh e fit only happen if all kontris get for join hand.

De big woman weh e work for World Bank before, argue say free trade for Africa go make kontris dem check wusai deh trong pass, den produce more, so ECA di work wit 15 kontris for develop strategy for helep dem compete wit oda kontris.

De strategy go show dem wusai deh fit get plenti profit, wusai for investment more and how for create jobs dem, e explain.

"We don show say deh value addition di happen wen Africa di do business among dem self, invention di start for happened, den oda business too id start", ECA Executive Secretary tok.

kontris need for change policy, go for style weh e be friendly for business, wit young pipo weh deh di create tins if dey use digital platform deh go create jobs for dem-selves, Songwe add.

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