World No Tobacco Day: 'I try more than 15 times to stop smoking'

Abu Hasibu real name na Idris Shuaibu
Image example Abu Hasibu

Dis hair stylist for Kano, northwest Nigeria share tori wit BBC News Pidgin about im struggle to stop smoking wey im start 1988 wen im dey secondary school.

"At first na peer pressure from friends. You know how secondary school be na, you wan belong wit ya mates, na so e take start, for junior secondary dat was in 1988. When my friends introduce di idea I no fit say no and na how my journey wittobacco take start be dat."

Abu Hashibu, wey we go use identify dis hair stylist, tok say to stop tobacco addiction no dey easy as e don attempt am over 15 times.

May 31 everi year na World No Tobacco Day wey United Nations set aside to create awareness on top di dangers of taking tobacco for bodi.

"My broda, to stop smoking tobacco na one of di most difficult tasks, myself I don attempt am over 15 times. E dey very hard, if I no smoke e get di way my body dey do me. Na only smokers go understand."

Abu also tok say for 31 years wey im bin dey smoke im parents neva still know becos e no too stay wit dem.

"I no too stay with my parents since when I dey small na mostly aunties and uncles, wey dey too busy to notice. So all dis years my parents neva still know say I dey smoke becos I dey only visit dem from time to time."

Northern Nigeria dey among di highest rates of tobacco consumption for di kontri becos apart smoking tobacco directly, e get some pipo wey dey chew tobacco leaves and also for places like Adamawa State for north east Nigeria, many dey use am as snuff daily.

Abu wey get im own family at di moment, wife and three children yan say im wife know but di pikins dem no dey old enough to know wetin dey happun.

Abu advice young pipo wey dey contemplate smoking say make dem forget am becos notin dey dia.

"My advice for young pipo wey wan start be say make dem no try am because notin dey dia, make dem take dia life do good tins."

According to World Health Organisation, every year thousands of Nigerians dey die from tobacco related diseases.

Same report wey dem release for 2015 yan say na 25,000 children (between 10-14yrs) and 3,527,000 adults dey smoke tobacco evriday.

Anoda report wey WHO release for 2017 show say na seven million dey die from tobacco smoking all ova di worlds everi year.

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Note: Dis na real life tori but di name of di hair stylist na di editor change am to Abu Hashibu to protect di real name of dis man.

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