Amnesty International want Buhari to end death sentence for Nigeria

Noose Image copyright WAKIL KOHSAR

Amnesty International don set eight-point human rights agenda for Nigeria Presido Muhammadu Buhari second term.

For document wey di Human Rights Group launch on Friday for Abuja, wetin dem recommend include make im protect human rights including those of women and children and end capital punishment for di kontri.

Di group say even tho Nigeria don sign plenti agreements for international and regional level, human rights still dey worse for di kontri.

"Di Nigerian goment get clear national and international duty to promote, protect, respect and fulfil human rights, and we want make dem use dis opportunity end many years dem don do human beings any how.

"Di goment must show say dem ready to change things as e concern human rights by taking ogbonge actions on di recommendations sharperly," dem tok.

Dem say human rights situation for Nigeria get serious comma for areas like: kill-kill witout trial, executions, to arrests anyhow, torture and do pipo anyhow, pipo wey dey disappear, violence against women and girls, freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly wey no too dey, to pursue pipo comot dia house, environmental pollution and lack of trial for those wey do pipo anyhow.

Na based on all those ones, dem set dia eight point agenda as things wey Presido Buhari suppose do for human rights area for im second term:

  • End all forms of violence against women and girls
  • Protect di rights of pikin dem
  • Put eye for di Niger Delta clean-up
  • Guarantee freedom of expression
  • End torture, those wey dey disappear anyhow and killings witout trial
  • Secure Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
  • Protect di civic space and improve di environment for human rights defenders and activists
  • Stop di death penalty and cancel all death sentences

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