SANORA fire: Some part for Cameroon oil company burn down

Tanks for Sonara Image copyright Facebook/ CRTV web(national Radio and Television)

Fire catch for some part for Cameroon oil refinery company, SONARA, Limbe for Southwest Cameroon for night.

SONARA, de company weh e di refine crude oil weh e dey for one of de Anglophone regions for wusai crisis dey.

Dis company nova get Anglophone director before and na only dis year weh de put Anglophone board chairman.

Residents for village, Moukudange for Limbe II sub-division say deh hear loud explosion for around 9:45pm as some part of de new place weh deh build for stock oil explode.

Image copyright Facebook/ CRTV web(national Radio and Television)

No man die or get wound, and deh move the villagers from danger and for security reason.

Some activists for Southern Cameroon weh deh wan separate claim say na some separatists group, Victoria silent warriors put fire for de oil company.

But army for their twitter don congratulate fire fighters weh deh put off de fire, add say e look laik say na accident even if deh di still wait for investigate.

"De explosion cause huge damage and production don stop for time weh deh no fit estimate. For dis reason we di declare state of emergency, stop all contracts until deh weigh de damage. We di do all tin for bounce back for short time possible", Jean Paul Simo Njonou, SONARA Director tok for short message but no tok weti cause de fire.

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