Opposition say Cameroon Police arrest about 100 party mimbas wey march

CRM mimbas
Wetin we call dis foto,

CRM mimbas for Bafoussam

Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) say police arrest about 100 party mimbas for Yaoundé, Douala and Nkongsamba on Saturday as deh di march say make deh free dia leader Maurice Kamto.

Maurice Kamto dey for ngata, for Kondengui since January for seek march say e no gree 2018 presidential election results weh president Biya win.

Just now, African commission don gree for check case weh Kamto file say deh tief elections and make deh recount de votes. De commission give Kamto two moons for bring proof for elections tiefing.

Barrister Ndong Christopher weh na second vice president for CRM tell BBC say deh arrest 50 for Yaoundé, 50 for Nkongsamba for West region and 10 mimbas for Douala.

Deh party mimbas komot early from around de central market with, Mamadou MOTA.

BBC neva fit confam if true-true, police arrest dem.

One eyewitness say of de first vice president weh deh arrest di sing "Kamato, free Kamto, free Kamto" as deh march for central town for Yaoundé.

Just now de central town dey laik say notin bi happen but police and gendarme wit combat gear and big truck still dey.

Fort Douala before march start, police surround Jean Michel Nintcheu, SDF parliamentarian e house and only leave de place for around 11: 00am. Pipo start wanda why as no bi CRM mimba.

Before de arrest, authorities ban de march say e go disturb public peace, but CRM mimbas say deh must march and komot for Yaoundé, Nkongsamba and other places for march.