SONARA Fire: Cameroon refinery big tanker still di burn

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Fire still di burn for Cameroon oil refinery, SONARA two days afta big explosion, cause de company for lock down work.

Fire fighter try for quech de fire weh e catch 4 out of 13 production units for SONARA for Friday night but resident still see big smock on Monday morning.

Andrew Mutanga Munjimba, goment delegate for Limbe city council confam for BBC say de situation bad and say deh don send for fire fighters for Douala.

For inside video for social media, deh say A 10 tanker weh e contain crude oil continue for burn since Friday wen de fire start.

Goment bin say make population remain calm, say deh go keep price for oil products under check and import for cover de gap, but economist say if goment no manage rumour well e fit affect economy.

Fire burn 4 out of 13 production units for SONARA and na de process for filter fuel get problem, de company stop production but oda places di work well and don open. But resident still see big black smock weh e di komot for de company.

As de only oil company for kontri, pipo start fear say price for oil products, cooking gas, kerosene and fuel go high.

"Make man no say e no bin know, problem dey big compound, buy two bottle cooking gaz keep'am for house because price go high", na de message dis weh kontri pipo don di share for whatsapp.

But afta crisis meeting for Sunday wit Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, Trade Minister Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana say make kontri pipo remain calm.

"We don send control teams for make sure say price for cooking gas, kerosene and fuel no change and goment go import for cover de gap", Minister tok.

Just now, 12,5 kg cooking gas na FCFA 6500, litre for fuel super FCFA 630, gasoil FCFA 575, and kerosene FCFA 350. Goment di ever subsidize oil products for make sure say price bo di change.

Economist, Dr. Ariel Ngnitedem, tell BBC News Pidgin say impact for dis SONARA fire go bi for seka de behaviour for business pipo weh di take advantage for create artificial scarcity and increase prices."

So if goment no manage rumour fain, e go create high prices and e go affect economic stability, situation weh e fit bring political unrest laik e bi happen for 2008.

"We know say oil di help for produce other services, and na de end consumer weh na population di pay. Dis go fit affect how pipo di live, population go feel de pinch as deh go pay more for oil products" Ngnitedem tok.

If goment fit only limit de impact, but make no man no lie say impact no go dey, Ngnitedem tok.

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