Canada dey beg kontris for one million immigrants?

Justin Trudeau speaking at public event in front of Canadian flags Image copyright Getty Images

One tori wey say Canada Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, don invite one million immigrants from oda kontris dey spread.

Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana and di Philippines na places dem don target.

Di tori dey fly for online and social media.

But di thing be say di tori no true.

Wetin di tori dey claim?

Di tori wey don target those kontris, claim say Canada dey invite one million pipo come as part of new immigration programme.

One website use di headline: "Canada prime minister beg Zambia president for one million immigrants".

Di photo of Zambia president wen im dey shake hands wit di Canadian High Commissioner, Pamela O'Donnell, na real, but di headline na wayo.

Di goment immigration office, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) don make am clear say dem no get dat kain offer.

Dat kain headline don appear wit claims say Canada don invite one million immigrants from oda African kontris as well as di Philippines.

How di tori take spread?

Dis tori dem na lie, but all of dem dey based on Canada immigration policy wey dem announce earlier dis year - say di goment plan to attract one million immigrants over a period of three years.

Dis policy no be for individual kontris.

For Nigeria, one version of di tori bin first appear for April and dem share am thousands of times for Facebook.

Accounts pick am up for social media and one get more than one million followers.

Dem also post am for Reddit, various blogs and Facebook groups.

How Canada take react?

Dem don deny di tori wella.

Di Canadian High Commissions for Nigeria and Kenya don warn pipo make dem no fall for di tori.

"If you don see dat link for your social media timeline, no fall mugu. Dat tori no be true," di High Commission for Nigeria post for Twitter.

But dis no be di only wayo informate wey dey target Nigerians wey wan go Canada.

For March, Canadian officials for Nigeria post anoda warning say make pipo no fall for text message wey claim to guarantee success for those wey dey find visa to go Canada.

One IRCC official tell BBC News say dem dey always chook eye for informate wey dey online.

"Wen false information like dis dey spread, we dey sharperly provide facts," di official add.

Wetin be di real situation?

More than six million immigrants don land Canada since 1990 - and e don dey increase for recent years.

Applications for Canadian citizenship rise reach 130% from October 2017 to June 2018.

Permanent residents admitted into Canada in 2017

Source: Department Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Nigeria and di Philippines dey among di top 10 kontris wey dia pipo dey move go Canada.

Canada dey aim to attract migrants to deal wit dia population wey dey old and dia pipo wey no dey too born.

Di current plan wey cover three years go see 330,800 immigrants enta di kontri for 2019, 341,000 for 2020 and 350,000 for 2021.

Di new pipo wey go enta go dey close to 1% of Canada population.

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