France 2019 Women World Cup: Kits, crowd and coaching - How women football don grow

American players dey celebrate with di World Cup trophy for 2015 Image copyright Getty Images
Image example United States na di current Women's World Cup champions and di most successful team for di tournament history.

Di Women World Cup go kick off for France on Friday wit promise say beta-beta changes go dey for di game.

Since di tournament begin for 1991, business, technical and cultural importance don increase for di biggest event for women footballers - although if you compare am wit men competition, gap still dey wey dem still gats sort out.

Dis na six tins wey show how di game don grow.

Pipo wey dey watch di game don go up

Four years ago for Canada about 1.3 million pipo na im attend di 52 World Cup matches.

Fifa wey dey in charge of world football dey expect say di number of pipo wey go show for France fit dey similar or e go beta pass, but di ogas of di ruling body believe say pipo wey go watch am for TV go pass di 750 million wey bin watch am four years ago.

For 1995 wey Norway host di tournament, na only about 4,500 pipo go watch each match, di total take small pass 112,000 pipo altogether. And TV no too cover am.

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Image example Di Dutch women team dey go di tournament as European Champions, dem win am wit di kit wey get dia new badge.

Women o wear 'dia own jersey'

Dis 2019 World Cup go be di first time wey teams go wear kits wey dem design specially for women, instead of inheriting shirt and knicker wey dem bin design for di men.

One example of dis na work wey Nike do wey sponsor 14 out of di 24 teams wey go play for France. Di team include USA wey don win di cup three times, France wey dey host dis year tournament, European champions di Netherlands and Brazil.

Sabi pipo put for mind di different tins wey women go need, like to remove di shirt ova long hair and knicker wey no too show body or dey disturb.

Netherlands kit even get dia personal logo - lioness wey dem bin introduce two years ago to replace di lion wey dia kontri men team dey use.

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Image example Ada Hegerberg, na di biggest star for women football.

Inequality dey but moni dey increase

Wen e come to moni mata, women football dey back back compare to wetin di men dey make - di highest female footballer, Ada Hegerberg from Norway - dey collect $450,000 a year.

Dis na 325 times less dan wetin Barcelona and Argentina forward Lionel Messi dey make, according to annual survey wey France Football magazine publish.

Even as di 2019 tournament get reach $30m as prize moni - double di 2015 prize - di winner $4m share na just 50% of di amount wey each of player wey dem eliminate for group stage for di last men tournament cari go house.

Dis na di reason why Hegerberg no gree follow play for dis World Cup. For 2017 she waka leave di Norway national team afta she tire wit di way wey tins be and wetin she call "lack of respect" for female players.

Di more pipo pay attention to equal pay, di more e go dey easy. She tell BBC for May say, "i tink we suppose check oursef and wetin we fit do to develop di sport... dat na our biggest work."

Australia players don also complain to Fifa about di issue, and all di 28 members of di USA women team don cari dia national football association go court ontop say dem dey pay dem less dan di men team.

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Image example Di Netherlands coach Sarina Wiegman (for white) na one of di eight women in charge of team for dis World Cup

Women managers

According to Europe football bodi Uefa, about 80% of coach work for women teams na men dey do am.

Also, 97% of di total number of coach licence na men get dem.

If you consider dis one, di fact say eight out of di 24 teams wey dey play for dis World Cup get woman coach, including teams like USA and Germany wey dey lead, na beta tin.

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Image example Women dey play football match for India

More girls and women wan play

Fifa say more dan 30 million women and girls for world wan play football and di number of amateur players don increase by more dan 15% inside di last 10 years.

But dat number na just less dan 10% of di world total.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example France beat USA 3-1 for friendly match for January

Di ground dey more level

Although di USA be di queens of women football wit dia three times world title and four Olympic gold medals, every team get oppourtunity to show demsef for dis 2019 World Cup pass before.

Early dis month, sports informate company Gracenote say France na di favourite wey fit cari di cup wit 22% chance to win.

Dis squad get at least eight players from Olympique Lyonnaise, wey win di Champions League four times back to back and na dia stadium dem go use to host di World Cup final instead of di ones wey dey for Paris.

Gracenote say odas wey fit win na USA (14%), Germany (12%) and England (11%).

One of di suprise for di tournament fit be Netherlands wey be di current European champions.

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