UK, Canada government alert dema nationals over kidnapping den terror threats for Ghana

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United Kingdom (UK) den Canadian government caution dema nationals who dey travel go Ghana sey make dem make steady sake of kidnapping den terror attacks fit happen for de country inside.

Dem update dema foreign travels advice page after increasing rate of crime den insecurity for Ghana in recent years.

"Terrorists go fit carry out attacks for Ghana. Attacks fit be random, for places wey foreigners dey like visit" de UK government travel website talk.

Around 90,000 British nationals dey visit Ghana every year. Although more times dema visits be trouble-free, crime go fit happen.

According to de UK government, terrorist groups who dey work plus al-Qaida, Islamic State of Libya and Islamic State West Africa (ISWA) dey inside de region.

Wey dem start dey mount attacks on security forces den civilians for West African countries like Burkina Faso den Mali.

Although Ghana no record any attacks, dem advice UK nationals make dem make vigilant, especially for de northern border areas, beaches, hotels, cafes, restaurants den churches across de country.

Unknown gunmen kidnap two Canadian nationals for Kumasi last week, despite security efforts dem no fit rescue de girls yet since de kidnappers bundle dem inside car at gunpoint.

Two weeks ago, Police for Ghana arrest two people around de northern border towns for Ghana who dey carry loaded pistol for church inside.

So far dem no fit confirm whether dis people be part of terror groups, but dem still dey investigate dem, but Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery assure Ghanaians sey dem dey on high alert for any terrorist attacks.

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