New Ebola outbreak for central Africa dey make pipo fear

Red Cross Safe and Dignified Burial team (SDB) dey respond to one Ebola alert for DRC Image copyright EPA
Image example Nearly 1,400 pipo don die for di recent outbreak for DR Congo

Di head of one major medical research charity say di latest Ebola outbreak for central Africa dey "truly frightening".

Nearly 1,400 pipo don die for di Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr Jeremy Farrar, the director of Wellcome Trust, say di epidemic na di worst since dat of 2013-16 and e no show sign say e go stop soon.

Two pipo including one five year old boy don die for Uganda too wey near DRC inside di first case of Ebola di kontri dey report.

Since den, di Uganda gofment don report seven oda suspected cases of di virus. Officials say di boy grandmama and younger brother also get di disease. Tori be say di family pass border enta Uganda from DRC on Sunday.

Gofment say dem suspect say like 50 pipo don come in contact with di virus.

Dr Farrar tok inside statement say di spread na something wey dey "tragic but no surprise am". E draw ear say more cases dey come and di kontries go need full international support to protect lives.

Wetin be di situation so far?

Since di first case of Ebola for DRC last August, nearly 1,400 people don die - around 70% of di pipo wey catch di virus.

Di outbreak na di second-largest for di history of di disease, and di number of new cases don increase in recent weeks.

Na only once before dis kain outbreak don continue to dey grow for more dan eight months afta e start, dat na di one wey happun for West Africa between 2013-16 wey kill Only once before has an outbreak 11,310 pipo.

Efforts to stop di spread of di virus dey proof difficult as armed pipo dey attack medical staff.

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Image example The Ebola outbreak for di Democratic Republic of Congo na already di second deadliest for history

Di World Health Organisation don call emergency meeting afta Ebola spread from DR congo reach Uganda.

Di meeting go happun on Friday for Geneva to decide whether di outbreak na threat to public health for di international community.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori