World Blood Donor Day 2019: Tins about blood donation wey no true

Pesin dey give blood Image copyright Getty Images

Most pipo fit give blood if dem dey in good health according to di World Health Organization.

Unlike wetin most pipo believe about which kind pesin fit donate blood, dis article clarify who and who fit give blood as di world dey mark World Blood Donor day.

You no fit run out of blood if you donate am

According to WHO, di average adult get around five litres of blood for body depending on dia body weight.

One blood donation session go suck like 500ml of blood comot from your body and if you dey healthy your body suppose replace di lost fluid within 24-48 hours after you donate am.

Vegetarians no fit give blood

E no true like dat say pipo wey no dey chop anytin wey animal dey inside no fit donate blood but di concern be say wetin dem dey eat dey low in iron wey be key component of blood.

But as long as dem follow well balanced diet dem suppose enough iron for dia body.

Most kontris go do blood test for donation sites and dem go rule out those wey fit no get enough blood.

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Image example Make sure you know wen you get your last tattoo before you try to give blood

Pipo wey get tattoo no fit donate blood ?

Not really. But anybody wey just get new tattoo or piercing and wan donate blood suppose wait for a certain period before dem go fit give blood.

According to WHO, pesin wey just get new tattoo suppose wait six months before im give blood.

As for pipo wey just visit teeth doctor to check dia teeth na 24 hours dem suppose wait whereas if na major teeth operation dem do, na one month dem need wait before e go dey okay for dem to give blood.

You no fit give blood if you dey sick, pregnant, too young or too old

Dis one dey true.

Pipo wey don test positive for HIV (AIDS virus), hepatits, syphilis, tuberculosis and other infections no go fit donate blood.

Donation centres go also turn you down if dem notice any sign say you get cold, sore throat, flu, belle pain.

You need to don completely recover from any infection for at least 14 days before you donate blood.

And if you dey on antibiotics you go need wait seven days after you finish your medication before you donate.

Also if you get belle, dey breastfeed or you just born or even if you do abortion you need to allow some time for di iron levels for your body restore before you donate.

Because you dey menstruate no mean say you no go fit give blood.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori