Anglophone crisis: Cameroon goment send aid items to Northwest and Southwest

Paul Atanga Nji and partners as trucks di leave Yaounde Image copyright Teneng Lucas
Image example Paul Atanga Nji and partners as trucks di leave Yaounde

Cameroon goment don send 55 trucks wit aid items for suffer pipo for Northwest and Southwest regions.

De truckload wit items di go for de two regions one year afta goment launch e FCFA 12billion humanitarian assistance plan for pipo weh de suffer for seka de crisis.

De tins dem, mattresses, chop, merecin, and hygiene kit di target na for 75,000 pipo weh de run go oda areas for de two regions, Paul Atanga Nji, territorial administration minister tok.

Atanga Nji say na goment e place for start humanitarian assistance before e partners dem, European Union, United Nations and odas help dem as e di send de truck for de regions.

E say military go helep dem for di share de tins dem sotei di salut military for de work weh deh di do for de two regions.

Atanga Nji bin first go open humanitarian assistance centre for Northwest and Southwest regions where pipo go register for get assistance.

Afta e komot rules say all material go pass through goment control and e go must follow goment e instructions for follow for helep suffer pipo dem.

Paul Atanga Nji also say deh agencies get for give report evri moon for goment.

Image copyright Teneng Lucas
Image example Truck wit tins for Anglophone regions

Minister say man no fit craiy pass de pesin weh e get die and na goment get for bi for front before agencies follow.

Since weh de crisis for Anglophone regions turn na to war between goment forces and separatist fighters, some pipo di suffer for bush and odas for different towns and regions as deh leave dia homes dem.

But for dis taim, na international groups laik de Norwegian Refugee Council, Caristas, Churches and local NGOs bin di support pipo dem for bushes and oda places.

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