Aisha Buhari don change her title to First Lady

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Wife of Nigeria President Aisha Buhari don announce her decision say make pipo begin address her as First Lady of di kontri.

Madam Buhari announce dis one on Thursday for di presentation of awards to di former and current wives of govnors for Abuja say di change go take place with immediate effect.

According to her, na to settle di confusion wey di mata dey cause with di title of wives of govnors.

"Wen dem newly elect my husband, I personally chose say make dem call me wife of di President.

But I realise say e dey cause confusion from di state as to weda make dem address wives of di state govnors as first ladies or wives of di govnors.

So forgive me say I bin confuse una, but now i don chose make dem call me first lady," na so Buhari tok.

For 2015 before di election , Buhari bin tok say she go prefer make dem call her di wife of di president of di Federal Republic of Nigeria dan First Lady of Nigeria.

Buhari gofment too bin don clear pipo say under im administration, dem go be noting like office of di First Lady as e no dey di constitution.

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Image example Aisha and her husband President Buhari

Wetin don change?

Tori pesin for Nigeria Abdulaziz Abdulaziz say wetin dey happun so show di kwanta wey dey happun between President Buhari and im wife, say di first family no dey tok with one voice.

"Na issue of six and half a dozen even if dem no call di office by dat name, e no mean say e no exist or Madam Buhari no get influence or pipo around her too in di name of di First Lady.

If you say office of di First Lady no dey, den why you come get office of di Wife of di President and she dey go about dey do all di usual tins wey First Lady dey do?

So na just change of name, for me e no make any difference, but for me say she come out to tok am boldly show say and her husband no speak di same word."

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