How nearly seven million naira waka comot from Kano zoo?

Gorilla dey chop Image copyright JOHN MACDOUGALL

Police for Kano, northwest Nigeria, don confirm say dem dey investigate how nearly seven million naira take miss for di Kano Zoological Gardens.

Police tok-tok pesin for Kano, DSP Abdullahi Haruna, tell BBC Pidgin say dem still dey investigate di mata.

"Yes na true say money miss for Kano Zoo, wey be money wey dem make for five days of Sallah festivities. As at now we don arrest 10 staff of di Zoo and dem dey CID.

"Among di pipo wey we arrest na gatemen and pipo wey dey work for finance unit, among tins wey we wan understand be say why dem go keep huge money for five days without taking am to bank," na wetin di Police PRO yan wit BBC Pidgin.

Na on Wednesday di Chief Revenue Officer for di zoo report say di six million, eight hundred and twenty thousand naira wey dem make during di Sallah period as gate fee wey pipo pay to come watch di animals miss for di safe wey dem keep am.

Although BBC Pidgin no fit independently verify dis claim, local tori pipo, Freedom Radio for Kano report on Thursday say one of di finance officers wey dem speak to say "na one huge Gorilla sneak into dia office come swallow am."

Wen BBC Pidgin tok to Umar Kashekobo, Managing Director of di Zoo, e no gree confam or deny wetin Freedom Radio report tok on top di mata. Him say di mata still dey under investigations and e no suppose tok about am.

"Dis issue dey under investigations for now and I no wan yan anything on di mata, many journalists don come meet me but I know wan tok anything wetin I fit confam be say money miss." Dis na wetin Kashekobo tok.

Una fit remember say for February 2018, tori land say one 'spiritual snake' bin swallow about 36 million naira wey students pay for JAMB forms inside Benue State, north-central Nigeria.

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