Donald Trump don launch im 2020 re-election campaign, see three tins you suppose know di 'KAG' campaign

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Trump tok say: 'A nation must care for e own citizens first'

US President Donald Trump launch im re-election campaign changing im 'Make America Great Again (MAGA)' tok to 'Keep America Great' KAG tow in election election for anoda four years.

Di Republican president bin ginger thousands of im supporters on Tuesday night for one rally for Florida, wey im call "my second home".

Oga Trump declaration wey many see as di earliest for a serving American president to campaign for re-election, attract plenty reaction.

While some praise odas oppose Trump re-election campaign for social media

Oga Trump also use di 18 June announcement to yab Democrats, say dem dey try to "tear your kontri apart".

Im also reveal say dis week four years ago, na when im first launch im presidential campaign for 2015.

E follow im wife Melania enta stage and according to am, she dey "excited" say she go be first lady for six more years.

Dis na three tins wey you suppose sabi about Trump campaign.

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Image example Some Trump supporters don dey wait outside since early mor mor on Monday

1. Repeat of old campaign slogan - KAG

Although di slogan no be new one - former US presidos Ronald Reagan bin tok am for 1980 and Bill Clinton for 1991 - na Trump make am popular nowadays afta im choose am as political campaign wen im first run for president.

For 2012, when Mitt Romney lose to Barack Obama, di next day Trump wear read cap wey dem write 'Make America Great Again'.

Many pipo of colour (wey no be white pipo) for America feel say di slogan wan take di kontri back to di time when na only white dey enjoy. But Trump and im supporters no see am like dat.

And dis fit be why Trump no waste time to use di slogan to ginger im pipo for di Tuesday rally. Only say dis time im say "We go keep America great."

2. We go build di wall

Almost 90 minutes na im President Trump take use ginger im pipo wit di kain tins wey many of di supporters come out to hear. And wen Trump reach di mata of immigration, di supporters begin shout "build dat wall!".

Dis na di border wall wey Trump bin don promise for im 2015 campaign say im go do wen e enter office. Di plan na to use wall block illegal immigrants to dey enta American anyhow.

"We go build di wall," di former TV celebrity bin tok. E say dem go build 400 miles (673 Km) of di new wall by di end of 2020.

3. Fake News

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Image example Some people protest against Trump rally near di place im do am y nearby

E no reach 30 minutes afta im begin im speech, wey im accuse tori pipo say dem dey cari fake news

Trump criticise di Mueller investigation wey torchlight alleged collabo between Russia and di the 2016 Trump campaign and declare say di media wey cover di event report "fake news".

No be today Trump don accuse big media like CNN say na fake news dem dey carri, especially if di tori no favour am.

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