Deadly Ebola outbreak no be global threat

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Image example Ebola don kill 1,400 pipo for DRC

World Health Organization don decide say dem no go declare global emergency over di Ebola outbreak for Democratic Republic of Congo.

Di health join body say Ebola for di region "na serious emergency" but no be threat to di world.

Di deadly outbreak na di second largest in history wey don kill more dan 1,400 pipo.

Dis week dem discover new cases dem across di border for Uganda, although di virus neva spread dia yet.

To declare Public Health Emergency of International Concern na one of di most important acts wey WHO fit take

Dem don do am four times before- including di Ebola outbreak for West Africa wey kill more dan 11,000 pipo.

Dat decision mean say dem go need to get more money and healthcare workers to tackle di outbreak - or political support to stop di fight-fight to let di health workers to do dia job.

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Image example Di outbreak start for August 2018

So why dis Ebola outbreak no be global emergency?

Dr Preben Aavitsland, di acting chairmo of WHO emergency committee, say for di emergency meeting wey dem do dem argue di matter and pipo get different opinion.

Di outbreak meet some of di criteria for global emergency as na extraordinary event wey fit spread internationally.

But dem say declaring am emergency no go epp di mata wey dey ground.

Dr Aavitsland say: Dis no be global emergency, na emergency for DRC, na serious emergency."

But warn say if dem declare emergency e fit make dem close di border or airline no go gree fly go DRC, dat one go cause more wahala pass good.

WHO don discuss two times now whether to declare Ebola outbreak for DRC as emergency.

Di two times dey decide no sake of say dem see Ebola as threat for di region and no be threat internationally.

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