Jalingo violence start from Tudiri village but Police no fit confam deaths

Gun Image copyright STEFAN HEUNIS

Police confam to BBC on Monday say gbege bin happun for one town inside Taraba state, north-eastern Nigeria but dem never know how many pipo don die.

Taraba State Police tok tok pesin DSP David Misal tell BBC say di attack wey happun for di state on Sunday no be for Jalingo but for one village wey dem dey call Tudiri and dem neva confam any pesin wey die.

Many reports from oda local tori pipo dey show say di quanta happun for Taraba and many pipo don lose dia lives but Police don deny dat one.

Misal yan say di report wey dem get be say jaguda pipo attack Tudiri village and by di time some youth get information say attack dey happun dia na im dem block road for Jalingo dey burn tyres, wey lead to small commotion.

"Di attack no be for Jalingo but Tudiri village wia bandits attack di village but up till now we neva confam number of pipo wey don die yet maybe later in di day."

"So when youths for Jalingo hear of di attack for Tudiri na im some of dem block road dey butn tyres wey cause small commotion, dis na wetin happun."

Taraba na one of di states for Nigeria wey dey experience insecurity in di last few years.

David Misal, di Police tok tok pesin for di state say di gbege happun for one village near di state capital Jalingo, na dia some youths for di state begin burn tire block road.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori