Ebola Crisis: Nigeria dey at low risk to import Ebola Virus now - NCDC

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Image example Nigeria bin see red for Ebola virus for 2014 wen di kirus kill many pipo.

Di goment agency wey dey monitor disease outbreak for Nigeria say di kontri dey at low risk from importing Ebola Virus disease from Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) give di assurance after dem say di Nigeria Ebola Preparedness team conduct risk assessment sake of di recent confamation of Ebola virus for Uganda.

Di NCDC for statement dem send give BBC Pidgin say dem dey monitor di Ebola virus disease outbreak for di Democratic Republic of Congo and recent cases for Uganda.

Meanwhile for Kenya, dem authorities on Monday put one patient wey show symptoms of Ebola for separate ward inside one hospital for Kericho town.

Authorities don take blood samples from di patient for testing and dey expect di test result within di next 24 hours.

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On June 11, 2019 Uganda Ministry of Health confirm di outbreak of Ebola for Kasese District near di border with DR Congo wia one 5-year old contract di virus after im visit Mabalako Health Zone to attend di burial of im grandpapa.

According to di NCDC, outbreaks of Ebola dey known to bear risk of international spread na im make dem dey continuously dey monitor di potential risk and also check trade and flight route between di two kontris.

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Image example NCDC say dem dey on alert mode wen di need go arise

NCDC say no direct commercial flights and no known direct trade routes to Nigeria from Uganda and dem dey work closely with World Health Organisation wey dey aways dey in contact with WHO African Region and Ministries of Health for Uganda and DR Congo to determine di risk of spread to other African kontris.

NCDC dey advise members of di pubic make dem dey wash dia hands with soap regularly and avoid direct contact with dead wild animals.

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