Anglophone crisis: Pipo for Northwest Cameroon di fear for waka about afta governor komot curfew


Kontri pipo for northwest Cameroon dey fear for waka about afta gofment comot curfew.

For seka de crisis for Anglophone regions, governor Adolphe Lele L'Afrique Tchoffo bin put ban make pipo no waka from 9:00pm for night till 6:00am for November 2018.

Di governor announce for June 14 say pipo fit waka about as dey laik but some pipo no care as deh say deh no sure for dia security.

Robert Ndi for Abakwa tell BBC Pidgin say e no mean any ting as deh di still fear. "Security no bi for town so any man di try for stay safe di go back early for house", Ndi tok.

Ndi di wanda why governor di lift ban wen too much insecurity dey for de quarters dem and pipo di fear for dia lives. "E di check say na for make dem komot for outside make deh continue kill dem.

De tin don bi for mentality for go back home early, if deh no arrest you, thieves too dey and for bi safe, e good for go back early." Na so Ndi tok.

But anoda pesin, Nestor Ndze say e komot for drink kam back for night, and e say some pipo bin really wan see how Abakwa be laik for night afta seven moons.

"For Saturday ah really enjoy Bamenda for night, and life dey for some areas laik Amour Mezam and Mile 4, T junction and Up station".

Barrister Joseph Fru bi among de kontri pipo weh deh condemn deh ban for waka for night say na for dis taim weh kidnap bi pass, deh break pipo dia houses.

De curfew spoil plenti business, tins laik beer business, roasted fish and oda petty trade for night no bi di waka again, Belinda Atuh tok.

Wen BBC Pidgin call governor for know why e say pipo fit waka about wen security no dey for town, e say e dey for meeting and go call but e call back.

Before night life bi dey for northwest region, kontri pipo and visitors bi fit enjoy dem-selves till late for night before governor stop de waka about for reduce separatists dia activities.

As crisis di still go on for de region, for make pipo waka for night wen actors nova shiddon tok, for find solution nothing no go change.

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