Egypt former President Mohammed Morsi don die for court

Morsi behind bars Image copyright AFP
Image example Dem detain Morsi afta army comot am for office for 2013

Di former President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi, wey military comot from power for 2013 don die afta im faint for court according to di kontri state TV.

Morsi, wey be one of di leaders of di Islamist movement Muslim Brotherhood wey dem don ban now, bin dey ansa qweshion ontop accuse say im get hand for espionage, some kain spying tins.

E be 67 years old.

Dem overthrow Morsi afta ogbonge protest one year afta im take over office as di kontri first democratically elected leader.

Im bin dey under custody since den.

Afta dem comot am frompower, authorities go afta im supporters and di Muslim Brotherhood.

According to State TV, di court proceeding for Cairo dey related to accuse of im dealings with di Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

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Image example Mohammed Morsi na Egypt first president under democracy but im only spend one year before army comot am for 2013.

Who be Morsi?

Dem born Morsi for di village of El-Adwah for di Nile Delta province of Sharqiya for 1951.

E study Engineering for Cairo University during di 1970's before im move to America to bag im PhD.

Di Muslim Brotherhood pick am as dia presidential candidate for di 2012 election, election wey im narrowly win.

During im one year for office, pipo give am mouth say im no deliver, dem accuse am say im allow Islamists pipo to monopolise di political scene and also to control di economy.

As opposition to im gofment grow, plenti pipo enta street across Egypt to do I no go gree to mark im first year of office, June 30, 2013.

On di evening og July 3, di army suspend di constitution come announce new temporary gofment say dem go conduct new presidential elections.

Afta Morsi condemn di announcement say na coup, army later arrest am.

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