Sickle Cell pipo no go die now now now - Hilda

Hilda Abubia as she fine, dress well dey do her tin Image copyright Hilda Akubia
Image example Hilda Akubia leave office work and now she be freelance photographer

Life of pesin wey dey live wit sickle cell get many challenges wey different from wetin pipo wey no get am dey face evriday.

Twenty-seven year old Hilda Akubia Oluwatobiloba dey live wit sickle cell, but all her life before she enta university, she and her parents no gree accept say her genotype na SS.

Hilda grow for family wey dey very spiritual and dem believe say na sin dey make her get crises.

"If I wear trousers my mama go say di crises go come back again. My mama believe say na becos I no strong well well wit God na im make me dey get crises," na so she tok.

Hilda say she bin dey sick well well wen she be small and each time her parents no go cari her go hospital, say na church dem go cari her go.

Crises na period wey sickle cell pesin get serious attack wey fit put im life for danger and im no go fit do anytin for demsef.

As Hilda turn teenager she sef begin dey tink say di crises dey happun wen she commit sin.

"Anytime I get crises dat time I dey feel say na becos I don commit sin, I no know say malaria and lack of enough water for bodi fit cause di attack.

"I bin dey live in denial before I become 21 years."

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Challenge wit sickle cell

Pipo wey dey live wit sickle cell get plenti challenges wey dem dey live wit and according to Hilda, "you no dey completely independent if you get sickle cell."

Wen dem no get crises, pesin wit sickle cell dey live normal life witout wahala but once crises begin, dem gatz depend on oda pipo.

"You no fit fight wit friends and family members," she tok. She add say as part of survival skills, "you must dey very friendly."

Di second challenge na be say organisations no wan employ pesin wey get sickle cell becos dem go need to leave work all di time.

Hilda say, "di challenge na for you to get beta work and still fit keep di work."

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"Wen I bin dey work, I no wan tell pipo say I get sickle cell becos I no wan make dem tink say I dey weak."

Today, Hilda dey work for hersef, she be freelance photographer.

Di number three challenge na say pipo wit sickle cell dey face stigma.

Wen pipo sabi say pesin get sickle cell, most time dey dey ova pity am and dem go wan treat am different from oda pipo becos dem feel say you no strong reach and Hilda say dis na stigmatisation.

"Pipo gatz understand say pipo wey get sickle cell no go die now now now," she say sickle cell na disease like any oda disease.

She say most times she dey fake smile dey pretend say bodi no dey pain her, but truth be say bodi dey pain her all di time but she no want make pipo treat her different.

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Image example Red blood cell of sickler under microscope

Wetin be sickle cell?

July 19 evri year na di special day wey goment, NGO plus different health organisations for world dey come togeda to remind dem sef and oda pipo say sickle cell disease dey real and pipo gat try stay safe, and also to find proper cure for di disease.

Sickle cell anaemia na disease wey pesin fit inherit from im parents.

Pesin fit get sickle cell if im parents get some kain genotype. Like husband and wife wey be AS genotype fit born pikin wey get sickle cell.

Also if one parent na SS and di oda na AS, dem go born pikin wey be SS.

Wen pesin red blood cell no fit cari enough oxygen go round di whole bodi den dat pesin get sickle cell.

Also, for normal pesin bodi di blood cell dey round and flexible but for pipo wit sickle cell bodi di red blood cell dey stiff, e dey gum togeda and somtimes instead of round e get shape like moon.

Dis unusual shape dem make di cells hang inside di small blood vessel and blood flow go slow or somtimes e go block oxygen make e no circulate for di whole bodi.

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