World Refugee Day: More dan 70 million pipo dey displaced worldwide - UNHCR

Venezuela migrants dey among di highest number of pippo wey don run comot sake of war Image copyright Reuters

Di number of pipo wey dey run from war and wahal pass 70 million for di world last year - di highest number for di UN refugee agency almost 70 years of operation.

Na almost 70.8 million pipo wey dem don use force pursue comot from dia house, 2.3 milion more dan di previous year according to di agency yearly Global Trends report.

Di figure na times two of di level wey dey for record 20 years ago.

Di number mean say na up to 37,000 new pipo displaced every day.

"Wetin we dey see for dis figures na confamation of long-term trend wey dey rise in di number of pipo wey need safety from war, conflict and troubled areas," na so UN High Commissioner of Refugees, Filippo Grandi tok.

"While language around refugees and migrants dey divide pipo, we also dey witness plenti generosity and solidarity, especially by communities wey dem demselves dey host large numbers of refugees."

Di number also represent sharp increase for di number of pipo wey don run because of kasala for di world population. According to figures wey dey ground since di 1951 Refugee Convention, di previous highest na for 1992 wey bin be 3.2 per 1,000 of di world population. By 2018, di number don pass double to 9.3.

According to di UN Refugee Agency, di actual figure for 2018 dey likely to dey higher, as di number of pipo wey don run out of dia homes by di Venezuela crisis dey only partly reflected for di statistics.

About four million pipo for Venezuela don run comot from dia kontri, according to some figures from kontris wey dey take dem in, to make am one of di world biggest recent displacement crisis.

Di report identify three main groups. Firstly, refugees dey, or pipo wey dey forced to leave dia kontri because of katakata, or war. For 2018 di number of refugees reach 25.9 million, 500,000 more dan for 2017. 5.5 million Palestine refugees dey included for dis total.

Di second group na 3.5 million asylum seekers. Dis na pipo wey dey outside di kontri wey dem born dem wey dey under international protection, but dem neva give dem traffic status.

Number three, pipo wey run comot from dia homes internally or IDPs. Dis pipo dey displaced within dia kontri and amount to 41.3 million globally.

More than two thirds of all refugees worldwide come from Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar and Somalia. Syria get higher number than any oda kontri wit 6.7 million, followed by Afghanistan wit 2.7 million.

Only 92,400 refugees get resettlement for 2018, dis figure dey fewer dan 7% of those wey dey await resettlement. Di global population of pipo wey dem use force purse from dia houses don grow from 43.3 million for 2019. Most of dis increase na between 2012 and 2015 as a result of kasala wey dey go on for Syria.

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