Nigeria Immigration Service say dem dey deliver passport to applicants dormot

Passport Image copyright Nigeria Immigration Service

Nigeria Immigration Service say no be only di kontri pipo wey dey obodo United Kingdom, fit get dia passport for dia house through mail.

Dem say dem dey do di same thing for inside Nigeria wia anybodi wey want make dem mail im passport, go drop empty envelope wit dia address ontop, wen dem come fill forms to get di passport.

Tok-tok pesin of di Nigerian Immigration Service, Sunday James wey follow BBC Yoruba tok, say di service dey, but say pipo for di kontri no dey use am.

"Dat na di standard, only be say pipo no dey follow di condition," im tok.

"Di condition na say you go submit envelope wit mailing address and dem go send di passport to you."

Pipo bin dey wonda weda na only those for UK fit get dia passport for dia house, afta di Nigerian High Commission for London post informate ontop dia website, about di new way dem don bring to take send passport to pipo.

Image example Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service, Mohammed Babandede

Dem say from Monday 24 June 2019 dem go begin send pasport to di house of those wey apply. Dem make am clear say na di applicant go pay for am and say dis mailing of passport na by force.

Di High Commission also tell Nigerians wey dey apply for passports not to use di App (myVisit) for dia appointment as e no dey work again for appointment booking. Dem say make applicants use dia leg come on di interview date wey dem print for dia passport payment slip.

Dis new pattern to take deliver passport dey come afta dem accuse one Nigerian say im bin go scata things for di High Commission office on 17 June, sake of im passport wey neva ready.

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