Anglophone crisis: Rights group say make separatist fighters stop for abuse civilians

Cameroon army Image copyright MARCO LONGARI
Image example UN agncies don accuse both Cameroon army and separatists of kill-kill and torture

Human Rights Watch don say make separatists stop for di torture civilians as Anglophone crisis di da so go for before.

No bi de first taim de rights group di komot tori how weh separatists di torture civilians but also goment forces.

Lewis Mudge Central Africa Director at Human Rights Watch, say video circulate for social media how deh di torture one man.

De rights group say deh verify de video wit more dan 12 pipo, some of dem weh deh know de school weh separatists torture de man and don put dia camp for some taim.

"Make separatists leaders direct dia fighters for stop for attack and abuse civilians," de rights group tok.

De video show how deh di torture de man weh e get na only dress, di burn paper make e shiddon ontop di nack-nack e wit stick and cutlass.

From de video, de rights group say de pesin na driver for goment beer company and separatists di accuse e say e di sell dat beer for Anglophone regions. De victim beg but deh instead wan kill e as deh say "wash e wit gasoline".

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Image example Picture from July 2018 of bus dem wey burn for Buea afta fight between Anglophone separatists and security forces

Just now de school weh e bin get about 700 pikin dem don close down. UNICEF say about 650,000 pikin dem need assistance for de two regions, about 74 schools close and deh kidnap 300 students and teachers dem.

Since 2016, rights group say about 1800 pipo don die for de Anglophone crisis, and about 500,000 run from dia houses dem.

Goment forces too don kill plenti pipo dem burn-burn houses, lock pipo weh dia families no get idea wusai deh dey.

For de two regions, residents tok goment how forces di continue for kill any how, komot pipo for house shoot'am, plus machine gun weh e di shoot any how too.

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