Ore Helicopter: NCAA dey investigate helicopter wey go pick stroke victim ontop tracffic for Lagos-Benin highway

Helicopter land for road Image copyright Twitter/@GidiTraffic

Di man wey helicopter pick for di middle of traffic for Benin-Ore expressway get stroke according to wetin di helicopter company tell BBC.

Dis one dey come after Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority say dem dey investigate di video wey shake internet, wey show helicopter wey land for inside traffic to pick pesin.

For di official statement wey Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority release, dia tok tok pesin Sam Adurogboye tok say na by Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd get di helicopter and dat dem force di pilot to di pickup. Dem add say dem go let public know di outcome as soon as dem finish dia investigate.

Di video wey start to dey spread for Twitter and Instagram for weekend, cari good and bad tok from pipo wey watch am. Pipo tok say di thing dey show how rich man dey try escape traffic and some pipo tok say e dey show lawlessness for di kontri.

Di helicopter company tok say e dey normal for dem to receive emergency calls.

Pipo comot for social media to dey reason di mata as some of even tok say na Julian Osula wey be oga of Julian's Luxury, get di helicopter come carry.

But Oga Osula don deny di tori and im tok say im just share di video like everybodi.

Femi Adeniji from di helicopter company tok say im no know why di tin dey make pipo dey tok. Adeniji add say e dey normal for dia company to respond to emergency situations and dem don do six for di last two months.

Im tok say no billonaire call dem but na pesin wey dey get high blodd pressire na dim driver panic. Im say di doctor also dey for di traffic dey help di man and na why dem call di helicopter wey land for Ore road.

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