Senator Elisha Abbo don beg Nigerians for forgiveness

Senator Elisha Abbo win election as PDP candidate on February 23, 2019 to represent Adamawa North Central Senatorial district Image copyright Senator Elisha
Image example Senator Elisha Abbo win election as PDP candidate on February 23, 2019 to represent Adamawa North Central Senatorial district

Senator Elisha Abbo don beg all Nigerians and di woman im e beat inside one CCTV video for one sex toy shop for Abuja, to forgive am.

"I dey here to apologize to Nigerians for insulting dia sensibilities, na wit deep sense of remorse and responsibility na im I, Senator Ishaku Abbo, really dey beg all Nigerians, di Senate, di Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), my family, friends as well as our mothers, di Nigerian women," Di lawmaker tok for press conference on Wednesday evening.

41 years old Senator Abbo wey be di Senator wey dey represent Adamawa North Senatorial District give public apology for video afta di video of wetin happun full everi wia for social media and even cause serious tok-tok.

Before di senator beg on Wednesday, im party di PDP and im leader wey be di party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar bin frown face for wetin dem see inside di CCTV video where oga Abbo dey beat one nursing mother.

Atiku ask Abbo to beg, while PDP condemn wetin di youngest Nigerian senator do.

E make di apology for one press conference wey im do for di headquarters of Nigeria main opposition party - PDP, inside Abuja and beg Nigerians to forgive am.

"I dey personally beg Bibra and her family for my actions. No mata wetin you do to me, you no deserve dat kind treatment. I dey sorry."

"Dey no ever don know me for violence. Regardless of wetin happun before I begin vex, wey I no ready to discuss here, I dey sincerely sorry and dey beg all men and women of good conscience make dem get di heart to forgive me. To err na human, and to forgive na divine."

"My family and religious upbringing no give me approval of dis kind conduct and as leader wey I don become today as God design am, I dey seek forgiveness before God and all those wey feel offended by my action." Abbo add.

Image copyright Elisha Abbo
Image example PDP condemn, Atiku Abubakar want apology from Nigeria lawmaker wey attack lady for CCTV footage

Senator Abbo bin tell BBC Pidgin why im assault lady for CCTV footage -

Di senator say di video wey di online tori pipo publish no dey complete and e say dem suppose balance di report.

"I waka comot with my sista to go buy jeans and some light cloth. Den my sista call me say dem dey for one shop somewhere and dem dey do ladies tins. Den suddenly I receive phone call say dem beat my sister friend and she faint for di shop. When I go dia I see vomit and blood and den I demand to know wetin happun. Di tin shock me so I gatz call ambulance, I gatz call di police to clear di area in case may be di lady die. If you watch di video, I come in and sidon somewhere ontop one yellow generator, as I dey step out, somebody wey cari holy bible for hand attack me and slap me three times. Di lady come hold me, a lot of issues bin happun actually," Senator Abbo tok.

Tori be say Premium Times, one online tori pipo, publish 10 minutes CCTV video wey dem say involve 41 year old Senator Elisha Abbo dey slap and beat one lady inside one Abuja sex toy shop.

24 hours afta di tori land, na so plenti reaction gada di mata as pipo dey use hash tag #Senatorstepdown and #SenatorElishaAbbo for social media to tok about di mata.

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