Facebook marriage for Kano provoke Islamic police to declare couple wanted

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Image example Di 29 years old man say di mata do put am for wahala

Islamic police, Hisbah for Kano north west Nigeria, dey find one 'young couple' afta dem marry ontop Facebook.

29 years old Sanusi Abdullahi explain give BBC Pidgin say na play im just dey play with di girl and e be no know say di mata go turn serious something.

"We just dey do group chat wit some oda pipo for Facebook, like play di girl say make I marry her and I say ok na, after sometime she send message again say she don get pesin wey go give her out and my friend also yan say e go stand in for me, we come agree on 20k as dowry, den from dia, my friend and pesin wey stand for her do all di necessary tins wey dem suppose do for marriage."

Sanusi tok say na after few hours pipo start to broadcast di tin say 'Sanusi don marry' from dia e come call di girl tell her say dis marriage fit be real oh, make we ask Islamic clerics because pipo don dey yan say na real marriage.

"As we call, some go say di marriage dey valid since witnesses dey and I don promise to pay dowry but na as I contact Sheik Ibrahim Daurawa wey be big mallam na im e yan say di marriage no dey valid since di lady guardian no dey involved, e say no how wey lady go do marriage without her parents or guardians involvement."

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Image example Part of di chat wia Sanusi propose to di girl ontop Facebook

Sanusi say sleep don run comot im eye in di last two days since di tori break.

"Dis issue dey disturb me no be small, di girl wey I dey in love with say she no dey do again and her family too dey vex with me, di Facebook lady don also lose di real husband wey she suppose marry in few months."

Tok-tok pesin for Shariah Commission Kano Sanusi Mohammed tell BBC say dem don send directive to di Hisbah Commission to arrest di couple to serve as example to pipo wey dey use big tin like marriage play for social media.""Wetin dem do dey against wetin Islam stand for, afta Hisbah arrest dem, next thing na court and from dia, judge go determine di kain sentence wey dem go get based on wetin dem commit. Shariah get sentence for every kind of crime."

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Image example Screenshot of di witnesses as dem dey negotiate di marriage process

Chief Imam for Abdullahi Abbas Mosque for Kano Sheik Nazifi Inuwa tell BBC say, no how wey di marriage go dey valid since di lady parents or guardians no dey involved.

"Our prophet tok say di only woman wey go marry herself out without her parents or guardians na wayward lady, so correct islamic marriage no dey work like dis."

Sanusi say im don run comot for house sake of di mata.

"I don hear say Hisbah dey look for me to arrest me but I dey discuss with my family whether to submit myself to dem. But wetin I wan make pipo know be say na mistake be dis tin wey happun and I don apologise. I neva enter mosque attend any wedding for my life so i no know how e be and I promise neva to do dis kain tin again."

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