History of Africa: Nine Cameroon Lamidos appoint 123 women for work as decision makers for traditional authorities

Woman dey tok give tori pesin
Image example Woman fit use dis local leadership position to change dia dia communities. .

Inside wetin be big history for women inside Cameroon Northern Region, nine Lamidos from Demsa, Tignere, Ngaoundere, Djerem, Banyo, Mokolo, Guider and Logone and Birni don appoint 123 women traditional authorities for work with dem as decision makers.

United Nations, Canadian High Commission and Association of Women and Girls from Adamawa, AFADA organise, organise ceremony on Wednesday for hail de Lamidos dem.

One of di Lamidos, Sultan Mahamat Bahar Maruf, first class chief and Senator for Logone, Far North region say woman dem don plenti and e good for share challenges and joys wit dem.

"We don check say for put woman as notable for lamidat, deh get direct contact wit oda woman dem so dat messages go fit reach dem directly as e bi e no easy for man for send de messages for woman dem, at times de messages dem fit no bi de same." Sultan Mahamat tell BBC News Pidgin.

Image example Sultan Mahamat Bahar Maru dey collect award

Na for dis reason weh Sultan Mahamat say e decide for install 40 women traditional authorities dem. "Ah go increase de number because we get three divisions, Waza, Zina and Logone wit nine second class chiefs dem".

Dis na wetin nova happun before for history of di central African kontri.

Sultan Mahamat add say queen mother di share pawa for sultan e massa but dis tiam e good for add more woman dem for lamidat.

One woman weh e di fit tok for Sultan now, Hafsatou Saidou, from Banyo, for Mayo-Banyo division Adamawa tell BBC News Pidgin say, before kontri pipo bin check say deh wan push woman dem for riot for dia married, take man pikin dia place.

"Wen we nova bi traditional authorities, woman bi di explain dia problems dem for man for go tok for Lamido. Woman dia problems concern dem and we way for explain'am dey different.", Hafsatou tok.

Hafsatou weh na hospital worker say goment put some free tins weh deh fit benefit woman dem but deh no know. So e di tell woman dem say make de go born for hospital and oda problems weh deh concern health.

"We do komot 15 women dem weh deh get fistulas make de go hospital and na so we di change we lives and communities dem", Hafsatou tok

For Tibati, Djerem divison, Adamawa region, Rougayatou Souaibou tok how e di work now with papa and mama dem make deh send dia girl pikin dem for school. Wit girl pipin dem, deh di tell dem make deh no gree marry quick, but go school.

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