Why Pidgin language dey grow fast-fast

For Nigeria and some West African kontris, pipo dey see Pidgin language as local language for poor pipo and pipo wey no go school.

But tori be say, oyibo dem dey study di language and dey plan beta future for am sake of say dem believe say soon, di language go grow pass oda languages for Africa.

Oyibo professors and African professors do big meeting for University of Ibadan south west Nigeria on top di language.

Dem want make gofment recognise di language and support am. Dem don discover say Pidgin language dey for Spain, Ethiopia, Guinea and oda kontris and e get different patterns wey dem dey use speak am.

For dis tori, Professor Francis Egbokhare from University of Ibadan explain why Pidgin dey upgrade and wetin di future hold for di language.