Trump: Kim Darroch, di UK Ambassador wey US presido call 'stupid, arrogant fool' don resign

Sir Kim Darroch Image copyright PA Media

UK ambassador to US Sir Kim Darroch don resign afta some emails wey yab President Donald Trump gofment leak, come cause kasala.

US Presido Donald Trump bin call di ambassador "very stupid guy" afta di emails leak.

Di Foreign Office confirm Sir Kim decision to step down on Wednesday.

Dis wan dey come afta tori pipo leak some letters wey im call oga Trump gofment "dysfunctional", come add say Trump presidency dey "incompetent" and "inept".

Trump bin respond with tweet on Tuesday say: "Di yeye Ambassador wey di UK carry put for di United States no be pesin wey we dey happy with, na very stupid guy.

"Make im go follow im kontri and Prime Minister May tok about dia failed Brexit negotiation, and make im stop to dey vex about how I yab di way dem take handle am.

"I tell @theresa_may how she go handle am, but she carry go wit her foolish way and she no come fit do am. Na kasala!

"I no sabi di Ambassador but dem don tell me say inm be arrogant fool. Tell am say di USA don get di best Economy & military anywia for world, by far...and dem just dey beta more more...Thank you, Oga Presido!"

Sir Kim say im wan end di amebo wey dey spread come add say di emails wey leak don make am impossible for am to do im work.

Inside letter to di Foreign Office, Sir Kim say: "Though my posting no suppose end till end of dis year, I believe say wit di mata wey dey ground, di right tin to do na to allow di appointment of new ambassador."

UK Prime Minister Theresa May say Sir Kim resignation na "mata of deep regret".

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