Ministerial list: President Buhari say im no go allow anybodi to pressure am to release any list

President Muhammadu Buhari Image copyright Garba Shehu/Twitter

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari tok at say even though Nigerians dey put pressure on am to release ministerial list, na those wey im know personally na im e go appoint.

Presido tok dis one for one ogbonge meeting wit di leadership of di National Assembly for state house on Thursday night.

Buhari say for im first term, all di ministers wey im work wit, im no know any of dem sake of say na di party and some individuals choose dem for am.

" I go take my time for dis second term to search for those wey I know personally to work wit."

"Even though some pipo for dis dinner meeting wan see di ministerial list so dat dem go go dey leave in peace, I no go allow anybody dis time around to pressure me to release any list." im explain

Although President Buhari agree say im dey under pressure because of di list,e say im go take im time to search wella.

President Muhammadu Buhari bin take oath of office for May 29 2019 but since den, e neva appoint im ministers dem.

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Image example For 2015, similar tin happun as e take six months afta im inauguration to release di list of ministers.

Nigerians bin don di expect di ministerial list afta di Senate President, Ahmad Lawan bin announce say di list go come out before dis week finish.

But for dinner party, oga Lawan deny say im no tok like dat and dat afta senator Bassey Akpan from Akwa Ibom raise di point of order on di need for goment to release di ministerial list before dem go on break, im come assure dem say di list fit even comot dis week.

E claim say im no give direct info on top di mata.

Meanwhile afta di meeting, di presidency release statement to thank di leadership of di National Assembly and on top how dem di conduct demselves so far.

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