Kismayo attack: How gunmen kill 26 pipo for Somali hotel

Man dey stand for wia di attack happen for Somalia Image copyright AFP

At least 26 pipo, including one ogbonge journalist and several foreigners, don die for attack for one hotel wey dey southern Somalia.

Tori be say one suicide bomber drive car wey get bomb inside go Asasey hotel wey dey port of Kismayo, as gunmen burst enta inside di building.

Reports say journalist Hodan Naleyah and her husband dey among di pipo wey die.

Islamist group al-Shabab don claim di attack.

Authorities say one local politician, three Kenyans, three Tanzanians, two Americans and and one Briton follow die for di attack.

How di attack take happun?

Regional politicians and clan elders dey inside di hotel as dem dey tok about di regional election wey dey come na when di attack start.

Pipo wey dey dere tok say dem hear huge blast before men with plenty arms enter dere by force.

"Plenti gbege dey inside and I see as dem carry several dead bodi from di place and pipo dey run form di buildings wey dey close" one witness, Hussein Muktar, tok as di attack dey happun.

It take several hours for di authorities to control over di hotel.

Regional President Ahmed Mohamed tok say di pipo wey don die don reach 26 and more dan 50 people wunjure. Four attackers also die for di raid.

Who be di victims?

Local media and Somali journalists' association tok say Nalayeh, 43, and her husband Farid dey among di pipo wey die.

Nalayeh start di media platform Integration TV to tell tori about life for Somalia and for Somali pipo wey no dey live for di kontri. Some of di new episodes dey show business women for Somalia and things you fit do for di city of Las Anod.

She move to Canada with her family when she dey six years old and she become ogbonge pesin for di Somali community wey dey dere but di mama of two just move back to Somalia.

Pipo don dey pay tribute to her, BBC journalist Farhan Jimale tok say she be "beautiful soul" while immigration minister of Canada Ahmed Hussen say she be "voice for many".

Somali Journalists Syndicate tok say Nalayeh and another reporter also die for Kismayo, Mohamed Omar Sahal, na di first journalists to die for di kontri dis year.

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