Why Cameroon get funny junction names
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Junction for witch pipo’ na wan name for Cameroon junctions dem

Producers: Usifo Omozokpea, Leocardia Bongben

Video Journalist: Sarah Tiamiyu

Cameroon get some funny junction names dem weh deh fit some condition weh kontri pipo di pass through.

Paul Nkwi Nchoji Nkwi, Professor of African Anthropology for University of Yaoundé 1, say na for seka say gomet no name streets dem and some strategic place dem so population become ‘creative’.

“De pipo weh deh suppose name streets and give dem historical significance fail, na why weh for Douala we get ‘carrefour de trois voleurs’ (junction for three tiefs) for Bamenda na Ngeng junction, Foncha street some popular pipo”, Nkwi tell BBC News Pidgin.

For Yaoundé, some residents tell BBC News Pidgin de kana funny names dem weh deh know, ‘carrefour for witch pipo’, ‘condom’, ‘puff-puff’, ‘banana’ and many more

“Dis show how deh di manage Cameroon some kana way as kontri pipo no di shiddon for check how deh di design modern cities, name streets,” Nkwi tok.

But Nkwi say for seka historical context, politicians avoid for give names for strategic positions and streets, de few weh deh dey, deh name dem na colonial period.

De Anthropologist say de reason na say for de 1960s, wen Cameroon fight war for independence de ‘marquisard’ as deh bin de call deh pipo weh deh bin wan independence, use de streets and numbers for kill pipo so deh stop for name streets.

But wen Cameroonians take over town expand and no man try for name de streets again. E say streets need numbers for helep post office work but today wit internet and social media post office collapse and street and numbers also suffer.

Na council suppose name streets give numbers. Yaoundé city council don start name streets, give dem numbers, we get Obili Road, Rev. Tobie Atangana Road, and many odas wit numbers but deh funny names dem still bi popular.

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