Nigeria Customs deny poison tin tomato dey market, say product na contraband

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Di Deputy Comptroller General of di Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Anthony Ayalogu say im office no know about di poisonous tomato paste wey some pipo say dem import from Iran enta Nigeria.

Dis na in reaction to reports wey local tori pipo bin carri on 14 July say NCS dey warn Nigerians about one poisonous tomato paste - or, 'tin tomato' - product wey dey for market.

But today, inside interview wit BBC Igbo, Ayalogu say truth no dey inside di report, and say even sef no tin tomato fit enta di kontri because na contraband.

"No way dey for am to pass di check, na contraband, you no fit bring dem. So, if any bodi bring am enta, e go be say e smuggle am.

"Any importation of any type of tomato... dey prohibited," na so Ayalogu tok.

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Some of di local reports over di weekend bin say "six containers of expired and low-quality tomato paste from Iran wit di name "Shirin Asal my tomato paste" don enta di kontri.

Di Customs oga say e no mata which kain brand of product e be because di goment don put ban ontop evri evri. E say im and im team fit only investigate di rumour if to say di name of di vessel and date wey e enta follow inside di tori.

When BBC ask Ayalogu how e come possible say pipo still dey go market to buy tin tomato wey dem no do for Nigeria, im reply na: "I no get ansa for dat but e fit be say dem don dey before di ban. Di ban come just one year ago, so e dey possible for am to dey market."

Tomato paste, or 'tin tomato' as many Nigerians dey call am, na important ingredient for di kain soup wey dey popular across di kontri.

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