Fulani Herdsmen: Miyetti Allah oga say 'Pipo wey dey against herdsmen, na which planet dem want make dem go'

Cattle rearer wey dey feed im cows. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Suspected herdsmen (not dis man) na im tri people say dey behind di death of almost 100 people for Benue state, north central Nigeria

'Pipo wey dey against herdsmen, na which planet dem want make dem go'

Na di National president of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, Ardo Zuru tell BBC dis one as im dey react to di Fulani herders palava for Nigeria and di Northern Elders Forum .

Zuru dey reply follow Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari order wey im ask kontri pipo to ignore di call by di Northern Elders Forum (NEF) to Fulani herders, wey tell dem to pack comot di southern part of di kontri.

Buhari tok inside di state house press statement say "All citizens of Nigeria dey free to move and live within any part of di kontri wey dem please, whether or not dem come from dia originally.

Tori be say for some time now katakata dey happun inside Nigeria. Some kain accusation and bad mouthing of Fulani Herdsmen dey ground.

"One kain deliberate agenda dey ground to expel our pipo from di southern part of di kontri. E be like say some leaders from di southern part of di kontri don dey look for opportunity to deal wit di innocent and di guilty if anybody dey guilty."

"We dey aware of a lot of allegation wey say our pipo dey involve in kidnapping, arm banditry, killing of farmers. You know di allegations dey dia on daily basis. So no be one specific incident. E appear say di killing of Mrs Funke, na im be di last straw wey broke di camel back because she be daughter of very influential pesin and so plenty emotional outburst go dey." Di National President of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association add.

"We dey aware say dat farmers crisis, dem don political engineer am against us on top di basis of ethnicity, religion and regionalism. We dey force to appear as di aggressors. We be di victims, nobody dey tok say we dey victimize. Pipo no dey dey aware wen di farmers dey kill di herdsmen because nobody dey interested to know and nobody dey tok about am today." Im also tok.

Ardo Zuru still tell BBC say: "Di goment don try to bring di farmers and herdsmen clash under control. Wetin we dey tok be say if you say you wan stop us from our traditional open grazing, making law against open grazing, like wetin dey happun for Ekiti, Edo, and Benue state, if dem no put alternative and di federal goment come out to say di grazing reserve need to dey re-activated, especially those wey dey affected. Then all of sudden you say no, then all of a sudden again di goment wey wan make sure say peace dey di kontri, you go back and say make cattle colonies. Then di same farmers go say no. then wen dem now say di fifth one go be Ruga, Dem say no."

So I just dey wonder wetin dis pipo wey dey against dis herdsmen really want. Which planet dem want take dis herdsmen to. I think make dem start to dey prepare dia bill of landing to dat planet because if we be Nigeria and we dey entitled to stay for Nigeria, we want to get am now. And I dey sure say na wetin di Federal goment dey try to do and we support dat.

Hausa/Fulani Community for Port Harcourt

"Di order wey Norther Elders Forum give say make all Northerners for Southern Nigeria go back home no love is because dem no send any formal letter to us say make we comot ' Dis na wetin Usman Baba Maikasuwa, one of di Hausa community leaders tell BBC Pidgin.Maikasuwa wey be di Secretary for Garkuwa Youth Organisation add say di tok mo move dem because dem don establish business, get family and dey live well and peacefully with dia neighbours.Di one President Buhari day make dem no go anyway but stay wia dem dey as citizens of Nigeria Maikasuwa say Sweet dia belle well well, come add say dat na di correct tin as any Nigerian get right to live peacefully for anywia for di country without any palava.

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