Ruga: States for Nigeria wey wan do settlement for herdsmen

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Fourteen states for northern Nigeria don signify interest to follow for di federal gofment plan to create RUGA settlements for herdsmen for di kontri.

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari bin plan di idea for all di 36 states of di kontri, but suspend am afta kontri pipo begin dey para especially di ones from di south.

As e dey so, about fourteen govnors don raise hand say dem accept to do di Ruga settlement for dia states.

Di latest inside states wey go follow do Ruga na Kano state wia di state Govnor Abdullahi Ganduje, don inaugurate 16-man committee wey go find areas wey dem go do di settlements for di state.

Ganduje say, dia work na to find out di kain tins wey dem go need for di settlement like school, hospital, water, market, road plus oda tins wey dem go need for di whole system.

Plateau state Govnor Simon Lalong say im dey fully support di settlement project as e go helep solve di farmers herdsmen katakata wey don dey wori di kontri.

Oga Lalong believe say dis settlement mata no suppose cause confusion as dem dey try educate pipo more about wetin im be.

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Image example Herdsmen and farmers clash don kill pipo for different states inside Nigeria

Im say as member of di food security committee and member of farmer/herdsmen committee, im don reach conclusion say dis na "di only solution wey go fit solve" di problem.

For Bauchi state Govnor Bala Muhammad, im support sure, as about 60-70 percent of di pipo for Bauchi na Fulani dem be.

Govnor Mohammed believe say Ruga go helep im state solve some of di social and security challenges. Im say, "we get illiterates, insurgency plus plenti oda wahala wey dey wori us" so dem go definitely do am.

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Image example Suspected herdsmen (not dis man) na im tri people say dey behind di death of almost 100 people for Benue state, north central Nigeria

Niger state gofment say no difference dey between grazing reserve and Ruga settlement, only say some selfish pipo just wan cause katakata for di kontri.

Secretary to di Niger state gofment Ahmed Matane say, any how wey e be, dem go go ahead wit am.

According to am, Ruga go create work for unemployed youths, and e go generate moni for di state.

Oda states wey don raise hand to join Ruga be:

  • Gombe;
  • Taraba;
  • Adamawa;
  • Kaduna;
  • Sokoto;
  • Nassarawa;
  • Zamfara;
  • Kebbi;
  • Katsina; and
  • Kogi state.
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Image example Suspected herdsmen attack for di country dey vex Nigerians

Wetin be Ruga?

According to Federal gofment of Nigeria, Ruga na settlement dem wan do for all animal farmers no be only herdsmen.

Di gofment set am up to try settle fulani herdsmen wey dey mostly travel wit dia families.

Di plan to make sure di settlement provide basic tins like school, clinic, hospital for di animals, and road plus including oda tins.

Senior special assistant to di President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu say Ruga go protect animals plus increase di hygiene of di meat and milk wey dem go produce.

GoFment say di programme dey voluntary for states wey wan follow do am.

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