South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa use two mouth ansa kweshion about campaign moni

Cyril Ramaphosa and Jacob Zuma Image copyright AFP

South Africa corruption agency don accuse President Cyril Ramaphosa say im deliberately mislead di parliament.

Di State Public Prosecutor - wey im job na to expose corruption - say oga Ramaphosa use im son to collect one R500,000 ($36,000) donation during im election campaign.

But Ramaphosa say at di time wen dem donate di money, im pikin tell am say di money na for norma-norma business wey im [Andile Ramaphosa] do for di pesin wey pay am.

Ten days after on 16 November, 2018, Ramaphosa change mouth give di Senate Presido say im wan correct im ansa. E say di money na campaign donation, according to di report wey Busisiwe Mkhwebane di state public prosecutor release.

For South Africa, na offence say make family members benefit from election campaign donation money.

Earlier today, di kontri former President Jacob Zuma para say im go comot hand from anoda inquiry wey dey torchlight corruption wey happun during im time as leader.

Oga Zuma accuse di inquiry panel say dem dey do partia for am but Judge Ray Zondo say im disagree wit dat kain tok.

Later (on di same day), Zuma agree to kontinu to ansa kweshion for di corruption inquiry.

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